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Do you have issues establishing trust with your clients? Or are you experiencing low sales? A testimonial video session with us might be all you need. Testimonial videos are a critical aspect of online content marketing that covers your past customers’ experiences to build credibility (especially for online businesses) and create a deeper human connection with your audience. As humans, our choices are better informed by others’ experience.

Quickstream can increase your brand’s exposure by sharing your reviews in a creative style. We have different styles for producing testimonial videos which are

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The Effect Style

This style offers to show clients in action. For instance, in the case of a skincare brand, a testimonial video using the effect method will show the state of the individual’s skin before using your brand, how they go about their skincare routine and the effects it has had on their skin.

This method does not involve a chat because it is demonstrative in itself. It has been described as the best form of attraction for clients.

The Interview Style

This style involves little action but a lot of talks. The client or reviewer speaks on your brand and how it has impacted his or her life. In this case, one can appeal to emotions through words. The best interview style is one without a script or autocues. Hence, the atmosphere is relaxed to elicit the truth most realistically.

At Quickstream, we put together our dedication, diligence and expertise to produce results beyond your expectations. We employ various tools and effects such as lighting, diffusion filter, specific editing components etc. and ensure they are of excellent quality. We put in a lot of efforts in our post-production to create an appealing work that satisfies your goal and that of the prospective audience.

Due to the flexibility of testimonial videos, we can shoot them in a studio or any other conducive or relaxed environment. We often advise our clients to maximise their resources by creating various testimonials on the go. You may invite us to events to capture more than a few reviews on the same occasion.

Also, you may request us to create a unique design or motif for your brand for easy identification. We also encourage brands to increase their visibility through testimonials. We can be done by posting on all your social media channels, on TV commercials or other media outlets, on the website, on tender documents, paid online advertisements, and at trade fairs. It gives third parties an insight into what the brand is about, thereby increasing your audience reach.

Our team is the easiest to work with. Apart from our professional service, we offer the best customer service. Our environment is conducive and organised, and we have great reviews of our production quality. The primary stages of video production, in this case, are:


Consultation is the initial stage where you approach us as a brand to take charge of your videos.


It involves the primary production process. You may book a whole day or a shorter time with us, and we gather our crew to the proposed location and collect various clips.


Post-production includes editing and final outlook.

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