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The Production Stage

Production refers to the making of a video. It involves shooting and other activities of crew members.

Film Production Monitor

After the conclusion of pre-production activities, we schedule the shooting day. Our crew consists of at least one camera operator, a director and a producer. Sometimes, the director is also the producer.

The crew members take care of all production, from setting up the camera to stationing the lighting. In most cases, we don’t provide props or costume, and our clients often determine the location.

Crew Members

We utilise the following members of the crew the most.

Camera Operator


Sound Artiste

Silhoutte images of video production and lighting set for filming which movie crew team working and


Lighting contributes to the quality of a particular video. The camera operator or a different person may handle the lighting.

Director of Photography (DOP)

The cameraman may double as a director of photography depending on the crew’s size at such a location.

The processes of filmmaking are


Cinematography is an essential part of video making. It distinguishes an official video from non-professional videos.

 It is both an art and a craft. Usually, cinematographers are directors of photography. The cinematography elements are focus, lighting, lens and film selection, camera dimensions and motions, colour exposure, framing and composition.


Producing is the act of making the video itself. All videos have producers. Producers are saddled with a lot of responsibilities. Often, they double as the director, monitoring every step of the process.

A producer encourages everyone to put their best at shoots and put his house in order before shoots. A video producer also takes care of other duties such as logistics manager during pre-production.

At Quickstream, our producers are skilled workers with long years of experience in the industry. Sometimes, they act as timekeeper.

A video crew group may also include other functional members such as Gaffer, driver, location manager, costume etc. However, we only allow such a large team during big projects because dealing with a large crowd may cause unnecessary delays. Also, we try to blend in, especially at event video shoots.

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