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Production Methods

Our Production Methods

Good videos don’t come out of just filming. It involves a series of processes that are classified into three categories which have been termed the 3Ps. They are Pre-production, Production and Post-production. The method is employed to produce original and creative. Also, we utilise two forms of production methods. They are

Filmmaker editing video footage

Conventional Methods

This method is the typical process most video companies utilise. It involves:

Preliminary Discussions

Consultation is the first stage and also known as the negotiation point. When you book an appointment with us, we analyse your demand and provide you with the details, including pricing. At this point, decisions that determine the outcome of production are made. For instance, the duration of the video is determined among other options.

Video Model

A video model defines the concept of the video. Apart from the quality of a video, one thing that captures the audience interest is the idea. The amount of creativity poured into the work includes the graphics customisation.


Storyboarding refers to the graphic representation of characters and action. It also includes a collection of abstract drawings.

Female Travel Photographer Holding Picture at desk


When we accept to do your job, we are automatically legally responsible to you. Also, you enter into a legal relationship with us.


It is the act of storytelling. We have a writing team that is versed in scriptwriting.


Before production, we prepare all tools and equipment in readiness for shooting. All our equipment is checked from time to time to ensure they are in the right state or condition.


Production starts once all pre-production activities have been sorted out. Shooting takes place per the scripting or available locations. When it involves a series, it may take up to two days.


It involves the joining of clips and cutting out of irrelevancies. We ensure proper editing is done and also allow our edited works to go through a proofreading stage to double-check.


Conventional or Customisation Method

Customisation Method

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