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The Pre-Production Stage

Various efforts are combined to make a video. It requires lots of planning and going through the pre-production processes. Hence, pre-production entails activities put together before the actual shooting of a video. If we leave the “approaching the video company” talk, the first official step is writing a brief. However, it is essential to note that the chronology of processes differs and depends on the video company.

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Brief Writing

Brief Writing in this regard does not have anything to do with the law. Instead, it consists of answers to specific questions that inform the steps taken in production.

Target Audience

The audience is one factor to consider before deciding on any concept or model for your video. You must think about who they are and what you want them to do. The answers to these questions seek to fulfil the purpose of your video.

It would be best to determine whether your audience is adults or adolescents or of a particular size or densely populated in a region. It helps us create the right video concept.

Also, we must determine what you expect if them after seeing the video. Sometimes, this is known as a call to action. Nonetheless, it helps define the direction of the video and mainly the information disseminated in the video.

The last consideration is how you intend the video to be accessed. Is it on your site? or social media platforms, or TV?

The Concept

The concept is defined by the look and feel of the video. In this case, we often request model videos. Perhaps you have come across video concepts you like and want a similar sense; we can help you recreate the feeling into an original and stylish piece.

Otherwise, we present you with several model videos we deem fit for your idea or purpose for you to pick one. Nonetheless, we provide guidance and offer professional advice.

In addition to this, we request information on the following.

Video Title


Using Scripting Tools


An autocue display what is meant to be said at a particular time? It is similar to the skill acquired by newscasters. There is also a scene-by-scene script similar to what moviemakers have.

Nonetheless, we can do away with scripting altogether. Using the customisation method, we only need to tailor our discussions along with the critical messages noted already.

Voiceover Scripts

Some videos, for instance, instructional videos, make use of voice-overs. Hence, the sound is pre-recorded. We ensure, however, that it is tailored along with the visual representation. Also, it requires the service of a voice-over artist, which you may choose to provide.


Storyboarding is another step in the pre-production stage, and it refers to the graphic representation of characters and action. It also includes a collection of still-life drawings.

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