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Event Videos

Our Event Video Coverage

Do you have an event coming up, and you need a video coverage service? Or do you require a publicity video for your event? Search no more; we have got you!

We provide the best professional service ranging from pre-production to production to post-production and at affordable prices. Also, we have considerable experience in this field.

There are different types of videos done for events, and they include:

Girl recording video material on music festival

Promotional Video

This video is one usually offered to the media for exposure. The primary purpose of such a video is to create awareness for such an event.

Video News Release

It is a form of press release broadcast on TV, and It consists of several clips, including interviews for the TV news editor to select from. It is the easiest way of covering your event as a story because it does not require the press crew's presence at the event.

Video Reel

It is a compilation of everything that happened at the event and a reference source in the future. In event planners, a reel of not more than three hours may be presented as a testimonial to future clients.

Wrap Video

In some instances, events involve a large audience across different countries. When you are faced with this kind of situation, you can keep others updated with a wrap video. This type of video is associated mainly with sports. It may also be used in the corporate world by conference delegates to share the event updates with their colleagues or partners.

Other types of videos include wrap or integrated event videos of your sponsors and live streaming. We offer services in all of these areas. With Quickstream, your event coverage is under control and produced at the best quality.

If the filming is for commercial purpose, we liaise with your marketing team to ensure the whole production process’s smooth running. Also, you may hire us for one event or series of events at a go or flexible timing.

To deliver an excellent service, we put the following in place before and during your event.


From the time you consult with us until the event, we make plans upon plans such as setting up various teams to handle different units. Planning helps us to prepare for emergencies adequately.

Closeup Video Cameraman taking photograp to the stage, event and seminar production



Minimal Production Crew

Male Videographer Edits and Cuts Footage and Sound on His Person


During post-production, we utilise various tools and filters to create effects. Our editing team is always happy to give the final touches to productions.

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